Here at CCG, we offer clients different options in managing their build

Contract administration and consultation

CCG can assist clients in the preparation of contracts, agreements and contraction documentation for the commencement of their build. 

This type of project consultation is focused on preparation and allows for consultation and assistance due the project stages into completion.

Principle Agent Appointment

A principle agent is an appointment by the employer of an agent that can act on behalf of the employer.

In terms of the JBCC® suite of construction contracts, the principal agent is not a party to the contract and does not hold any contractual rights or obligations.  However the principle agent can bind the employer by issuing contract instructions and also receive notices on behalf of the employer. 

The principle agent is appointed to act on behalf of the employer in respect of a great number of his obligations for which the employer cannot or chooses not to perform himself.

The duty of the principle agent is obligated to carry out these obligations on behalf of and in the protection of the employers interest with:

  • reasonable care and skill
  • independence and impartiality
  • professional judgement

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Project management appointment

CCG can be appointed to manage the project from commencement to completion.

Our services can be tailored made to the clients requirements and the type and size of the build

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Alternative dispute resolution appointment

CCG can be appointed voluntarily by the parties of a building agreement before commencement of the building contract.  This appointment allows for any future disputes to be referred first to CCG for mediation.

Allowing for a alternative dispute process and such appointments during the negotiation of the building contract assists in expediting any disputes that may occur during the building process.

Disputes arising from the building contract can cause major delays in the completion of the project.  Appointment of a alternative dispute process and facilitator upfront, allows for the immediate resolution of the issues at hand; therefore reducing the risk and financial impact to the contracting parties.

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