Building Services

Looking to appoint a main contractor or the entire professional team? CCG can assist you in all aspects of the building process, including the building and design.

Main Contractor appointment

The main contractor is the most important appointment of your build next to the architect professional.  The main contractor must have the experience and knowledge to translate the design into the finished product the client intended.

The partners at CCG have the expertise to complete your project with diligence and care.

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Turn Key Building Package

The building package is a turn-key solution in order to implement a hassle free building experience.

Building a house can be one of the most important and memorable experiences in an individual’s life. 

 It is extremely important that the client selects a builder and other professionals based on sustaining a long term working relationship that will extend far after the home has been completed

The CCG “Turn Key Building Package” is tailored to every individual and their requirements.   

Each home is unique and is designed by the client(s) with the guidance of the professional team 

There is many benefits of proceeding with this type of build.  The largest benefit is the reduction of inherent risk to the client.

Risk is reduced to the client from the onset is:

  • The team would be able to advise on the suitability of the stand being contemplated (if applicable)
  • The financial institutions look more favorably toward financing building packages as their risk is decreased
  • The professional team assesses and maintains the budget from conceptualization through to execution
  • The project time is dramatically reduced and subsequently the holding costs to clients are reduced

What we include in the

  • Architectural fees with our appointed architectural professional
  • Engineering design and certification with our appointed professional
  • Surveying of stand (if required)
  • NHBRC enrollment costs and facilitation
  • Appointment of Health and Safety professional to issue and maintain all legislative requirements as per the Occupational Injuries act
  • All risk contractors insurance including SASRIA and third party liability
  • Cost of security registration and requirements as per relevant Home owners Association
  • All management costs
  • Building complete as per plan and specifications issued

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